Working From Home? Some Tips to Keep in Mind to Prevent Low Back Pain

Are you working at home because of the coronavirus quarantine? It might be a while before things normalize, which means that you will be stuck at your home office for a few more weeks. 

If you're working at home, however, your work area might pose problems for your lower back. Our orthopedics experts in Palm Beach County have shared some tips on how to prevent low back pain.


1. Set up your work area properly

It's easy to get too comfortable as you sit with your laptop on the couch. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, you should be supporting your back well while sitting. 

For one thing, your work table and chair must be the proper height so that you won't have to bend, slouch, stretch, or lean forward. Your chair must have comfortable back support. If you don't have one, roll up a towel or sweatshirt like a log and place this horizontally behind your lower back so that you can sit up with a good posture.


2. Be aware of your shoulders and wrist

Make sure that your keyboard and mouse are close to you so that you will not have to extend your arms and strain your wrist and shoulders. If you're straining, you'll feel some tension on the neck that can travel all the way to your back.

Fix your table's height and distance so that your shoulders and wrists are relaxed. Once every few minutes, do stretches and exercises to loosen up the muscles. 


3. Take a break and listen to your body

When you're working at home it might be hard to follow a set routine or schedule. You could slacken the pace and delay working, or you could be so engrossed that you forget to take a break. 

Listen to your body when you're experiencing some tension. Change position or simply stop working and do something else for a few minutes before getting back to work.


4. Perform exercises for your back

Include back workouts to your daily exercises to strengthen the muscles. One of the most popular back exercises that is easy to do is called Good Morning exercise. It's named after a bowing gesture, such as when you say hello or good morning by bowing to a friend. 

You'll need a barbell for this exercise as you'll need to bear some weight to improve the strength of your lower back. If it’s your first time, you can use a towel instead. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your knees and hips parallel, and place your hands behind your head, pulling the shoulders back as you do. With a slight bend at the knee, bend your upper body forward at the hips while maintaining a straight back.

Besides, do not forget to stretch your neck. It is important to relieve stiffness and tension in the neck and back and stretching might be one of the options.

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