What NOT to do After a Hip Replacement

You must be very careful the first few weeks and months after surgery with a recent hip replacement. There are many instructions on what to do after a hip replacement, but what about what you should NOT do? 

Our team at Orthopaedic Surgery Associates are leaders in orthopedics in Boca Raton. In order to help patients avoid avoidable post-surgical issues, we have prepared the following suggestions of what NOT to do after your surgery:


Failing to Plan Ahead

After a hip replacement, patients are prone to falls. Try to find ways to reduce the risk of falls. You may want to minimize the use of stairs or have someone assist you with bathing and getting dressed. 

Finding a balance between rest and activity is essential to maintaining strength. So do not hesitate to rest often in between completing tasks such as bathing, doing your physical therapy exercises, or if you go out for short periods. 

Also, keep items close to you, such as your phone or remote control, to avoid getting up and down. You will want to have what you need within arm's reach. These steps will help minimize your chance of falls. 


Not Using Assistive Devices

Assistive devices can include canes and walkers. Too often, patients think they can walk without them before they are ready. 

Walkers and canes are extremely important in the prevention of falls. It only takes one fall to dislocate or damage your new hip. It is imperative to wait until your orthopedic surgeon gives the okay to advance from using assistive devices. 


Not Participating in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you meet rehabilitation goals; however, you must practice them at home. A physical therapist can help you navigate how to go up and down stairs safely and learn to walk without assistive devices with time. 

Patients who attend physical therapy appointments and do their exercises at home; recover sooner and have better outcomes than those who do not. So do not miss appointments and follow their suggestions. 


Not Treating Pain Properly

Adequate pain relief is essential for rehabilitation. Patients may be hesitant to take pain medications due to side effects or fear of addiction. Speaking with your doctor, develop the right pain plan to minimize any side effects or risks.


Not Practicing Movement Restriction Recommendations

Following movement restrictions is essential because excessive movement can lead to hip dislocation. Your surgical and physical therapy team will explain proper movement and when it is safe to advance. 

Hip dislocation after surgery is rare, occurring in about 2% of patients, but it can be very painful and require a second surgery. Following your surgeon's suggestions for movement progression can significantly reduce the risk of dislocation. 


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