This is how you're ruining your joints!

Keeping your joints in good shape should be one of your health priorities. Why? Many reasons, really. It is thanks to your joints that you can live your life the way you do. Walking, running, driving, gardening - you name it: Every activity is directly connected with your joints. Unfortunately, this is also the reason that they tend to deteriorate over time. Because we rely so much on our knees (literally, all of our body weight rests on them!), but also our elbows, wrists, etc., we need to take extra care of them. Most people, however, don’t think about their joints until they start causing problems.


The truth of the matter is, many health conditions connected to your joints can be avoided. Yes, some conditions, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, can be caused by factors we don’t have any influence over, e.g., genetics or inborn susceptibility, but in many cases, the reason our joints start to hurt is because we don’t take good enough care of them. In this article, we will discuss just a few things we do that influence our joints in an unhealthy way. If you’re guilty of any of them, don’t worry - we will also give you ready-made solutions to replace bad habits with good ones.

Staying in the same position all the time

There’s nothing worse for your overall health than staying in the same position for a long period of time. According to our orthopedic doctor in Boca Raton, people who spend hours sitting at their desks are much more prone to joint-related conditions. Sitting puts your joints in a compromised position; with time, it can lead to chronic pain in your neck, hips, or knees, as well as other health problems. Why? Staying in the same position for a few hours can cause cartilage tissue damage. As a result, your joints are no longer protected by this rubber-like padding that covers the joints, making them run smoothly. How can you prevent this from happening? We understand that a modern lifestyle usually involves a lot of sitting at desks. What you can do is take regular breaks to move around a bit: Go outside for a quick walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or simply stretch next to your desk. This will definitely help keep your joints in good condition.

Bad diet

People often don’t realize that a bad diet doesn’t affect only their appearance. Patients who visit our orthopedic center in Boca Raton don’t necessarily associate the way they eat with their joint problems. But there definitely is a correlation. The food we eat can affect our joints in at least two ways. First, a bad diet causes weight gain, and every additional pound is an additional burden on the joints. Second, there are certain food products that can cause inflammation in the body and, therefore, contribute to developing osteoarthritis. These include (but are not limited to) dairy products, processed foods, refined carbs, and sugar. If you want to keep your joints healthy and pain-free, stay away from these, or if that’s not possible, at least limit the amount you consume. If you lack motivation, remember that it’s your health that’s at stake.


Yes, this one’s a very general statement, but the truth is, neglect is what causes most health issues, including those related to your joints. Neglecting to use proper gear when working out or playing sports. Neglecting to make a regular appointment with your orthopedic doctor to make sure everything’s all right. Neglecting to see your doctor as soon as you start experiencing pain in your joints and waiting until it becomes unbearable. We are all guilty of this one. This can only be changed by making your health a priority. According to our doctor of sports medicine in Boca Raton, wearing proper shoes and using protective gear when working out can make a huge difference to your joints’ health. Proper gear will make you less prone to injuries and contusions, so make sure you use it every time you exercise.


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