The Dangers of Sitting

OSA dangers of sitting

When you are tired, feeling old, or having discomfort or pain it is normal to want to sit around. But the body was made for movement and stays healthiest with plenty of motion and lifting. Inactivity can lead to increased blood sugar, diabetes, weight gain, heart and vascular disease, weak bones and muscles, and even increased pain.

Getting proper sleep is a first step to rejuvenate the body, and then fueling it well with good nutrients.

Next, it needs to get moving! Build into every hour of your day active movements of bending, squatting, stretching, lifting, and walking. Prolonged sitting whether at work, home, in front of the television, computer, even with a book, or at a restaurant is detrimental to your physical health! You can counteract this with exercise and simply walking. So, if you have specific musculoskeletal impairments or pain involving the joints or the spine let us know. We can help you address them and KEEP MOVING! 

Daniel J. Leizman M.D.
Dr. Daniel J. Leizman M.D.


Written by Dr. Daniel J. Leizman, M.D. 

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