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The specialists at Orthopaedic Surgery Associates treat a range of orthopedic conditions, including sports injuries. We are known as one of Florida’s most progressive groups for diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries of the hand, knee, hip, spinal, foot, as well as other orthopedic injuries. 

At Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, we emphasize sports injury prevention. We strive to work with our patients to develop strength and endurance to maintain success in their fitness or sports routine. 

We are a facility that values professionalism and experience and are proud to offer sports medicine in Boca Raton, as well as sports medicine in Boynton Beach.

What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries in Orthopaedics?

The seven most common types of sports injuries are: 

  • Ankle Sprain

 Stretching or tearing of the ligaments causing injury

  • Groin Pull

Strain of the inner thigh, muscles, or groin

  • Hamstring Strain

Overstretching causing strain to the hamstring muscles

  • Shin Splints

Pain down the front of the lower leg, most often from running

  • Knee Injury: ACL tear

A strain or tear in the ACL muscle usually from sports involving sudden stops and starts

  • Knee Injury: patellofemoral syndrome

Results from repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone, which damages the tissue

  • Tennis Elbow

Repetitive use of the elbow causing tiny tears in the tendons

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Can Sports Injuries be Prevented?

Injury can occur if we are not properly conditioned for the sport or activity. Strategic warm-ups are an effective way to prevent many sport-related injuries. 

By warming up before activity, you increase blood flow to the muscles, enhancing flexibility and preventing injury. 

If you have a big event or game, it is important to build up your activity gradually. You would never want to run a 5K without first training to run a mile. Proper training not only helps build endurance but prepares your muscles for greater stress. 

If you push muscles too hard, it can cause muscle fatigue. When this happens, your forces cannot tolerate the activity, and you become prone to injury. 

How Do I Treat Common Sports Injuries? 

Practitioners recommend the PRICE method for the treatment of sports injuries. The method involves:

  • P: Protect from further injury- For severe injuries, protect with a splint, pad, or crutch
  • R: Restrict activity– Restricting activity helps prevent further injury
  • I: Ice- Using ice reduces inflammation so the body can heal. It is one of the best treatments for the injury. We recommend 20 minutes of icing every 1-2 hours for the first 48 hours after injury
  • C: Compression- Compression with a bandage reduces swelling
  • E: Elevation– Elevate above the heart to reduce swelling

If you do not see improvement after a few days, then it is time to schedule an appointment with a sports medicine provider. 

Other reasons to seek the assistance of a doctor of orthopedics and sports medicine include: 

  • Deformities in the bones or joints
  • Inability to bear weight on the injured limb
  • Excessive swelling
  • Changes in skin color beyond bruising

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Looking for sports medicine doctors in Boca Raton or Boynton Beach? Look no further!

Here at Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, we are proud to offer prevention and treatment options for various sports-related orthopedic conditions. Sports injuries are common, and we treat these injuries regularly at our orthopedic clinics. 

If you have any questions about sports medicine in Boca Raton or  Boynton Beach, please contact us. We can help you get you back to being the athlete you are meant to be! 


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