Sleep and Your Recovery

From The Desk of … 
Shari Herschenhorn, P.T.

Sleeping is an important component of our daily living. As we sleep an average of four battle. Make sure you adhere to your physician’s protocol in regards to proper postural positions when sleeping, especially with our surgical patients. Using pillows appropriately and adjusting your pillows can be an effective tool for providing comfort and proper body mechanics.

For back patients:

You should not sleep on your back without bending your legs or using pillows under your knees.

For back and total hip replacement patients:

Never sleep on your stomach. When side-lying, use pillows between your legs for comfort.

Sleeping on a firm mattress is important !  Speak with your physician regarding an appropriate mattress depending on what your disorder may be – i.e., hip, back, knee, shoulder, or neck.

Mattress care suggestions may vary including:

  • Rotating your mattress on a quarterly basis.
  • Turning your mattress over bi-yearly is recommended.