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Charlton E. Stucken, M.D.

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery, Fracture Surgery

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Dr. Stucken is a Board-Certified, Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine.  He is the head team physician of Boca Raton’s Major League Lacrosse team, the Florida Launch.  He is a graduate of Cornell University and received his M.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine.  He then completed his internship at Boston Medical Center and Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at Boston University where he served as Chief Resident.  Following residency, he completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Rothman Institute at Jefferson University.  There he was team physician for the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Flyers professional teams, as well the college teams of St. Josephs and Villanova.  Here in south Florida, he takes care of the professional lacrosse team as well as local high school athletes.

Dr. Stucken is one of the only surgeons in Palm Beach county to perform all-arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery, leading to earlier recovery and return to function with less pain.  He manages all types of shoulder injuries, from dislocations to rotator cuff tears to fractures.  He is able to surgically repair many different injuries of the shoulder through minimally-invasive arthroscopic techniques, but also performs shoulder replacements as well as complex revision surgeries.

In addition to shoulder surgery, Dr. Stucken also performs arthroscopic surgery of the knee.  Ranging from ACL reconstructions to cartilage transplantation procedures (autologous chondrocyte implantation, osteochondral allograft transplantation…), Dr. Stucken has taken care of complex disorders of the knee with excellent results.  He has performed several thousand arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, with most patients returning to their previous level of sports participation.

Dr. Stucken is one of the leading fracture-care specialists in Palm Beach.  His minimally-invasive techniques for fixing hip fractures and other extremities allow patients to return to their life sooner.  Dr. Stucken fixed more hip fractures than any other surgeon in 2015, earning the prestigious Golden Gamma Award.

Dr. Stucken is on staff at Bethesda Hospital, Delray Medical Center, Boca Raton Regional Hospital and several surgery centers.



Undergraduate:  Cornell University

Medical School:  Boston University

Internship:  Boston Medical Center

Orthopaedic Residency: Boston University

Sports Medicine Fellowship: Rothman Institute / Jefferson University



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