Orthopedic Boca Raton - Are your knees thankful this holiday season?

Orthopedic Boca Raton - This is that time of year when we spend time with our loved ones and give thanks for all the good that happen this year. The table will be full of beautiful traditional dishes - the crispy turkey, roasted veggies and amazing pies. You’re probably already made a list of things you are grateful for this hear. Hopefully, ‘health’ is one of those things. Speaking of health - do you think your knees would be thankful for the way you treated them this year? Were they given your attention, or were they ignored completely? If you’ve read some of our previous articles, you know we put a lot of emphasis on prevention rather than treatment. Remember, staying healthy and keeping your joints in good health is very much in your power. If you’d like to recall some of the things you can do to prevent your knees from an injury, check out this article: “3 ways to keep your knees happy”. Remember, your diet has a lot to do with your health, so you might want to be careful with those pies this year 😉 (especially if your knees are already giving you a hard time…!)


Orthopedic Boca Raton - To all of our existing and future patients, Orthopaedic Surgery Associates wishes you all the best - our thoughts turn gratefully to you with warm appreciation. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!


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