Orthopaedic Surgeon in Boca Raton - Did you know you can protect your spine by doing these 5 things?

Orthopaedic Surgeon in Boca Raton - Protecting your spine should be everyone’s priority. Why? Because it is the most important part of your skeleton. It not only supports and strengthens your whole body, but it is also a canal for the spinal cord, a bundle of nerves without which you wouldn’t be able to function. Your spine enables you to move. It provides stability and balance which permits the body to move in ways such as bending, stretching, rotating, and leaning1. So as you can see, your spine is worth taking care of! We usually tend to forget about it as long as everything is working fine. We don’t think about the negative effects our lifestyle can have on our back. Driving all the time, a bad diet, sitting at your desk 8+ hours a day… Combined, these factors can really give your spine a hard time. Even though our Orthopaedic Surgeon in Boca Raton keeps repeating: ‘Prevention is the key to staying healthy!’, we keep seeing patients struggling with back problems. The good news is: most of them can be easily prevented, provided you take action to protect your spine TODAY. Here are some easy things you can do everyday to ensure it stays in good condition.

Diversify your lifestyle

The rapid development of various technologies has made our lives easier, but it didn’t necessarily made it easier to keep fit. Cars, public transportation, television - all of these inventions resulted in people not having to move as much as they used to. This is contributing to more and more people suffering from back pain and spine problems. Think about it - if you are among 80% of society in a well-developed country, you probably spend your day either driving your car, sitting at your desk at work, or relaxing on a couch in front of the TV. How can this possibly be good for your spine? Remember that unused muscles degrade with time. This process is known as “atrophy” and can lead to less support for your spine. Don’t let your lifestyle ruin your health - move around more! If possible, take a walk to your workplace or alternatively, at least walk to the bus stop. And do not sit at your desk for 8 hours. Take a 5 minute break every hour. Get up from your desk, stretch and flex your muscles. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. These easy changes will make all the difference and it won’t take long for you to notice the positive results.

Strengthen your core and back muscles

As mentioned above, your spine is protected by a set of muscles that keep it stable. It is important to keep these muscles in good shape, meaning: strong and durable. In addition to your back muscles, abdominal muscles also play a key role in protecting the spine. Whenever you find time to exercise, do not neglect your core muscles. Some easy exercises that can strengthen the muscles responsible for protecting your spine involve:

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym everyday to keep your muscles strong. A tip from our Orthopaedic Surgeon in Boca Raton - make it your goal to stretch during your favorite show or take a yoga classes during weekends.

Invest now to save money in the future

Spinal treatments can be bad news for your wallet. Not to mention the time you’d have to take off work recover. It’s better to spend some money now and invest in good quality products to avoid those unnecessary costs in the future. That includes investing in good shoes, especially if you run or play sports. It also means spending $$$ on a good-quality mattress and pillows. Remember you spend at least ⅓ of your life in your bed! Make smart choices and always think of your spine first - it will thank you in the future.   

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Don’t wait for your back to start giving you trouble. Take good care of it now and you’ll save yourself a lot of pain, time, and money you’d otherwise have to spend on various treatments. But sometimes, despite your best intentions, your spine may still require assistance of our orthopedic surgeon in Boca Raton. It could be your genetics, or an old sports injury… Whatever it is,  here at Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, we’ll find the source of your pain and do everything we can to put you back on your feet. Visit our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists - we look forward to seeing you!  


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