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Online Use Amongst Senior Citizens on the Rise

Healthcare information via the internet continues to increase on a daily basis, but for seniors it has become their main media. U.S. online adults 55 years and older - the heaviest users of offline media - say the ability to access online content any time of the day and the greater accuracy of online information are the primary advantages of the internet versus TV, radio, magazines or newspapers, according to a Burst Media survey. The seniors polled cited "content they can't find on television, radio, magazines or newspapers, current information and information that can be accessed from many locations via a wireless connection as main reasons for the move to the internet."

Not surprisingly, 36.6 percent of the seniors spend less time reading magazines now than a year ago; 44.1 percent spend less time reading newspapers; 44.0 percent spend less time listening to the radio; and 43.6 percent spend less time watching TV.

Some 77.1 percent of older online adults use the internet to search for healthcare information, with 53.4 percent saying they seek information about specific symptoms and 50.2 percent seeking treatments for a specific illness

They also use the internet to look for information concerning specific drugs or remedies (42.4 percent), nutrition (30.1 percent), vitamins and supplements (25.2 percent), health plans and coverage, including Medicare (21.8 percent), diet or weight-loss programs (20.4 percent), non-prescription/over-the-counter remedies (19.7 percent) and heath and beauty aids (12.3 percent).

Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, Inc. takes great pride in the healthcare information we provide to the public. Our fellowship trained physicians want to continue to develop our web site to better provide our patients and the general public with up to date and pertinent information and treatment plans for their orthopaedic related issues.


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