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Mirylsa Colon-Martinez, MD

Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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Foot and Ankle

Desiree O. Garzon, DPM

Foot & Ankle Specialist in Palm Beach County

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Minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery


One of the Most Revolutionary Advances in Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgery in the last years, minimally invasive or percutaneous surgery has been one of the most revolutionary advances in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery. The techniques used go beyond arthroscopic surgery, which is the best known minimally invasive orthopedic procedure. With the use of specially designed tools, including burrs, and under direct x-ray guidance, the surgeon can perform procedures that have typically been done with an open approach. The advantages include minimal swelling, minimal post-operative pain, reduced risk of wound complications and thus infections, improved bone and soft tissue healing, since the soft tissue envelope is left intact, and faster recovery, among others.

The most popular foot and ankle procedure being performed with this technique is bunion correction surgery. The recovery from surgery and the results are outstanding and deeply contrast with the traditional open techniques especially in postoperative pain and recovery process. The procedure is done outside of the joint space, which preserves range of motion. After surgery, patients are allowed to weight bear immediately on a post-op shoe, with instructions to elevate the extremity whenever possible to prevent swelling. Most patients are allowed to wear sneakers approximately 4 weeks after surgery. The incisions are 4-6 small stab incisions, and the soft tissue is well preserved, which enhances bone healing.

Other procedures that can be done using this approach include fusions or arthrodesis (in cases of arthritis), fracture fixation, osteotomies for deformity correction, debridement of inflamed tendons, tendon repair, bunionette deformity correction, hammertoe correction, and the list keeps growing.

Dr. Colon-Martinez is one of the first surgeons in the U.S. trained in these novel techniques, completing her training in 2016 with Dr. Joel Vernois, Dr. Holly Johnson and Dr. Rebecca Cerrato, considered authorities in this field. “Minimally-invasive foot and ankle surgery has forever changed the way I practice. Nothing beats less pain, less swelling and a faster recovery after surgery.”

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