Arthroscopic surgery of the knee - knee arthroscopy

What is knee arthroscopy?

Many patients with knee pain are advised by the doctor to undergo a knee arthroscopy. Although it sounds quite complex, it is actually a simple procedure that can help your physician confirm the source of the pain and treat it effectively.

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During the procedure, you’ll be given an anesthetic, which can be either local (in the joint), regional (from the waist down) or general (that will make you sleep through the surgery). Then a small cut or incision is made in the knee and the knee itself is pumped with salt water or saline to make it expand and make it easier for the surgeon to carry on with the procedure. A small camera - “an arthroscope” - is inserted through the small incision in the knee joint. The surgeon can then investigate the source of the knee pain by looking at the inside of the knee which is displayed on a screen. What’s more important, with the use of small instruments within the arthroscope, the doctor is also able to solve some of the knee issues (for instance the ligaments of the joint) right away, during the same procedure. The good news is, the procedure itself has proven to be almost risk-free and is beneficial to the large majority of the patients.  

To prepare for the surgery, your doctor will ask you to stop taking some of the medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen (if you take them on the regular basis) a few weeks before the procedure. Furthermore, you have to refrain from eating and drinking for 6-12 hours before the surgery. The knee arthroscopy takes about an hour or two and it isn’t very invasive.

The post-surgery period is crucial in terms of getting back into shape as soon as possible. You will most likely be asked to come see your orthopaedic surgeon for a follow-up visit during which you will be given a set of exercises to do at home in order to help your knee recover.

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