OSA is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Jonathan Hersch to its prestigious orthopaedic group.

Dr. Hersch is a board certified, fellowship trained (Cleveland Clinic) orthopaedic surgeon who has practiced in Palm Beach County for over 10 years and is well respected in South Florida. Dr. Hersch specializes in hip, shoulder and knee surgery along with joint preservation.

Welcome Dr. Hersch!

Knee pain is a common complaint and affects approximately 25% of adults. Although more common with age, people of all ages can be affected by knee pain. Ranging from mild discomfort to debilitating pain, it can significantly reduce your quality of life, making everyday activities difficult or even impossible.

In this blog post, we discuss the best ways to keep your knees healthy and functioning properly, including exercises, lifestyle changes, and more. Read on to learn how to keep your knees healthy and strong for years to come.


5 Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Knee pain should not interrupt your daily life. Here are 5 ways to protect your knees and keep them healthy as you age. 

1) Exercisein moderation!

Yes, exercising is good, but when it comes to your knees you have to be careful. Track running and lifting weights can be good for your heart, but your knees may suffer if you don’t do it right!

To keep your knees healthy, exercise only in moderation. This reduces the load on the knee and allows it to move more freely, reducing the risk of pain and injury. 

Moderate exercise can also improve the range of motion, flexibility, and stability of the knee. Exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming can help to keep your knees healthy and strong.

2) Eat healthily

Obesity is one of the main causes of most conditions treated at our Boca Raton orthopedic center. It’s that simple – your knees just cannot support all this weight. That’s why it is so important to keep in good shape. 

Avoid refined sugars and saturated fats and you will see a big change right away. Not many people know that sugar causes inflammation and therefore – joint pain. 

Eating well can help keep your knees healthy by providing the necessary nutrients for joint health. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can help reduce inflammation and maintain joint health, and allow the body to better absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to give up all your favorite foods altogether, as long as you consume sweets and fatty foods in moderation. Give up your everyday treat and feel your knees sigh with relief.

3) Move more frequently

How many hours a day do you spend sitting at your desk or lying on the couch? Most people spend at least 8 hours at their desks, leaving them feeling exhausted and just wanting to lazily stay in bed or on the couch.

To prevent yourself from having knee issues or pain, it is recommended to stay active and move as often as possible. Frequent movement can help strengthen the knees by increasing circulation to the joint and promoting flexibility. 

Simply taking a walk instead of riding a bus, or taking your lunch to go and have a walk around the neighborhood can significantly decrease the risk of knee pain. Taking a few minutes to walk can already make a huge impact in improving your overall joint health.

4) Perfect your posture

By correcting your posture to keep your spine in a neutral position, you can reduce the stress on your knees, which can, in turn, reduce pain and discomfort. Additionally, maintaining proper posture will help ensure that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are in the best position to support your knees. This can help prevent or reduce the risk of injury, making it easier to stay active and mobile.

5) Choose the right shoes

Choosing the right shoe can help strengthen the knees, as it provides support to the foot and ankle. Good shoes minimize the risk of injury and helps to absorb shock. Shoes with a sturdy heel counter and cushioning in the midsole can help reduce the stresses placed on the knees, while the right arch support can help stabilize the feet, providing extra support and stability.

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

If you are experiencing knee pain, it may be tempting to give in to the urge to rest and avoid exercise, but this is not always the best approach. There are certain types of exercise that can help relieve existing knee pain, while also preventing future pain or injury by providing added support to the knee joint.

Here are 3 simple but effective exercises to strengthen your knees: 

1) Half Squat: 

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly lower your body as if you were sitting in a chair, keeping your back straight and your knees behind your toes. Hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly come back up. Repeat 10-15 times.

2) Calf Raises: 

Stand on a step or raised platform and hold onto a railing or wall for balance. Slowly raise your heels off the step so that you are standing on your toes, and then lower your heels back down again. Do 10-15 repetitions.

3) Straight Leg Raises: 

Lie on your back with both legs straight and your feet together. Slowly lift one leg off the ground, keeping your knee straight. Hold for 2 seconds, and then lower your leg back down. Do 10-15 repetitions on each leg.

Where to find the best knee doctors in South Florida?

Don’t prolong your knee pain and the struggles associated with it; book your appointment today! Get the medical attention you need, and let a knee specialist assess your pain and find out what treatment options are available for you. Take control of your knee pain and start living life to the fullest again!

At Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, we have a team of excellent orthoprdic doctors who can assist you with the right diagnosis and treatment. 

Our office serves patients at three convenient locations in Palm Beach County: 

If you are an athlete or simply love sports, we have knee experts in sports medicine in Boca Raton ready to help provide the best sports medicine care for you. Visit our clinic today, schedule an appointment, or call us at (561) 395-5733 to book an appointment. 


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