Most of us have experienced neck pain at least once. The most common causes of neck pain — strains and sprains — usually heal within a few days or weeks; however, they still cause discomfort and limit our activity.

A strain is when a muscle or tendon has been irritated by overuse or overextension. Similarly, a sprain is when a ligament has been irritated by overuse or overextension.

Orthopedic Surgery Associates in Boca Raton say that knowing the causes of the pain is the first step to avoiding the pain. Here are the most common causes of strains and sprains in the neck area.


  1. Sleeping in the wrong position. Often referred to as a “crick” in the neck, a person may go to bed feeling well and wake up in the morning with neck pain, often unable to turn the head at all. This is usually caused by an awkward or atypical position that overextended the neck, or a bad pillow. Make sure your pillow isn’t too large, hard, or soft.
  2. Sports injury. A sudden move during exercising, or unusual move for muscles may cause an injury, as well as falls and collisions.  A common sports collision injury is a stinger, which happens when nerves in the neck/shoulder are impacted and pain, numbness, and weakness can radiate down the shoulder, arm, and hand. To avoid injuries, make sure you do a proper warm-up before starting the actual activity. Work on your muscle flexibility and mobility, as well. In the long run, it can help you avoid future injury by making it easier to bounce back. Read more about sport injuries in Orthopedics Boca Raton blog.    
  3. Poor posture. The most common position in the modern world, a forward-tilting head, can cause serious neck problems. Because of the long hours spent at the computer or texting on a mobile device, poor posture is developed faster than we may expect. There is already a concept used to define this distinct position called “text neck.” The neck’s function is to support the weight of the head, but in a tilted position, the head becomes heavier for the neck muscles to support. This causes wear and tear syndrome and, in the longer run, leads to chronic pain. Read how poor posture during sitting can be damaging your life according to Orthopedics Boca Raton
  4. Performing a new activity. Any motion we perform needs to be learned and practiced by the muscles, especially more complex ones, such as dancing. Putting any muscle through a new type of activity may cause discomfort and pain. If more pressure than needed is put on articular muscle, it may cause an injury. That is why, for example, athletes are more susceptible to muscle strains at the beginning of an exercise session. To avoid this, make sure you warm up before doing any sport or activity, as it helps the muscles be more flexible.
  5. Whiplash. In a whiplash injury, the head and neck are forced suddenly backward and immediately forward with a great deal of force. The soft tissues along and near the cervical spine can be torn or ruptured as a result. This type of injury commonly occurs in an auto accident that involves a rear-end collision.

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